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Danish Design, Swiss Precision

The Spidolite II Tech Green has a sapphire front case, durable, and gorgeous

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, The London Lifestyle went down to the Linde Werdelin show room at Pembridge villas in Notting Hill, to check out some of the current line-up, try them on, and take some photos.

Enjoy our magazine style write up about an awesome luxury watch company.

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Summer is Coming, Convertible’s at the Ready

Sun down, roof down, Adrenaline up.

Summer is coming.

In London (and most of the UK) we’ve been having some fairly sunny weather recently. So why not write about something that gets us very excited for Summer. Hence, Convertibles.

Convertibles are a great invention. You know, those cars that can relinquish the bounds of a roof and allow the inhabitant to experience automotive joy, to a new level.

Sure, they’re not for everyone, but…

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